Occupying the Lange and O’Leary Exchange

Starting today I will be on a regular weekly biz panel for the Lang and O’Leary show, every Thursday night.

The panel will take on two six minute segments to discuss the big economic stories of the day. Today’s proposed topics – the Eurozone mess, whither Canada’s GDP, is Occupy a media invention/will it hold without media attention, upcoming job market numbers

A cool opportunity to bring a progressive perspective into perhaps the most neoliberal — and watched — Punch and Judy show in the business news universe, at least in English-speaking Canada.

The show airs daily on CBC News Network, between 7 and 8 p.m. (EST, but I think everywhere same time slot) The biz panel segment will be in the second half of the show, after 7:30.

The media seems just as much in a rush to bury the Occupy movement as it was to report its birth. But as Mark Twain said, upon reading his obituary in the paper “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

Will Occupy’s “life” rise and fall on the number of people willing to live in tents in parks in the winter?

Nah, its influence is more lasting than that. It has moved a critical conversation from social media to mainstream media. It has changed both what gets talked about, and the range of views that reach broad audiences. That changes how we talk about things. Genuine conversation advances the narrative – you learn from each other, you move on to new questions, new discoveries.

Look, the 1% needs the 99%, and the 99% needs the 1%. The poster in St. James Park had it right:

Here’s to Occupying The Future, with Lang and O’Leary.


  • did you getting this weekly spot (bravo by the way) have anything to do with O’leary’s moronic interview with Chris Hedges? Somhow they finaely realized that indeed O’Leary is a mad dog and therefore needed a bit of a reality check. Or potentially they are lining you up for O’Leary to start calling you a left wing nutbar? I hope not. Best of luck Armine, what ever you do, do not be afraid to put that clown in his place. Please do it at least once, for the PEFers please do it!

  • Super amigo; and please do comment (I am sure you will) about the “disconnect?” between democracy and corporate culture/neoliberalism. Judging by the fear mongering going on regarding the situation in Greece and the EU/Eurozone … democracy & the “bottom line” do not mix. I mean, Papandreou is rather courageous in consulting via a referendum the citizens of Greece about the so called “bail-out” – after all it’s their future we are taking about …

  • You image isn’t showing up, perhaps because there is a % in the file name.

    “the 99% needs the 1%”

    I don’t see why.

  • Good news, although I must say I’d prefer to see O’Leary replaced for his gross misconduct. I’m very curious about your final comment though Armine: “the 99% needs the 1%”? Assuming this isn’t a typo, I think this statement and the sentiments it expresses desperately needs to be contested lest the the “Occupy” movement devolves into de-fanged, apolitical nothingness. A political movement *must* take a stand, form an agenda, and recognize whose interests such an agenda threatens.

    Just as professing to “not see colour” (see Colbert) does not make one “anti-racist” but rather ignorant to the forces that racialize and discriminate against people of colour, so too does refusing to see the economic and political chasm separating the working class from the oligarchy (esp. in the US but also in Canada) is to obscure the very real class war that has been waged against the working class for at least the last three decades. We must name those obstacles that stand in the way of a just and sustainable society, and the “99%” is a great moniker exactly because it does precisely that: the 1%.

  • Darwin, the image thing may be a browser issue, as some browsers are better in dealing with unusual characters in file names. I’m guessing you use IE (the worst of them all). May I suggest Mozzila or Chrome.

  • Bravo and congratulations!!! We need more people who can voice a progressive perspective to counter the O’Learys of the world. We need it on television, radio, internet, speakers lists, newspapers, etc.

  • Congratulations! Do not forget to get some advice on how to make million bucks by patent farming.

  • You folks might be interested in this discussion of the Keystone XL pipeline issues at RealClimate:


    Andrew Leach has criticized some of the calculations.

  • you did an amazing Job Armine-I mean that very very much, articulate, got your points efficiently across, got the others off their game, and I also think you actually set the fat headed host boy straight on a couple issues.

    I liked your passion, not over kill but just enough to get your face red a few times and still be very much in control of the conversation without being centered out as over bearing.

  • Best of luck with that and I hope you have some impact on the audience… but sadly, being on that show is like being on Fox. You’ll be a lone voice among the arrogant, rude, ignorant, uncompromising, ideological, neoliberal, ultra conservative…

  • Bronwen Cunningham

    Perhaps you could address the Koch brothers new database, Themis:


  • gordon s stirling

    I don’t imagine Kevin has too many friends at CBC as I’m sure he’s aware it’s home to at least 6 Unions!

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