The Distribution of GHGs in BC

I have a short Climate Justice publication out for Earth Day today, looking at the breakdown of greenhouse gas emissions by income quintile in BC, then asking what is fair when it comes to mitigation policies. I draw on some fairness criteria from the international literature on fair emission reductions, and test out two stylized alternatives to meet a one-third reduction in 2020 (as legislated in BC): a one-third drop for each income group; and an equal per capita emission amount. Finally, I offer a few thoughts on carbon pricing as it relates to the findings. The paper, which started out as a blog post but then took on a life of its own, is available here.


  • I have just read in the Fort Nelson, BC newspaper that you recommend and support stopping exports of fossil fuels. Are you F&@$!^* serious? Do you prefer complete economic collapse and the loss of your research funding? I honestly believe this is the stupidest idea a smart person can come up with!
    Take care.

  • I do indeed support that, but strongly disagree that it would be an economic collapse — in fact, there is much work to be done. But the real danger is ecological collapse, and step one is to stop heading down the path we are on. That’s F@$#%’g serious.

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