Ten things to know about subsidized rental housing in Alberta

In anticipation of next week’s Alberta budget, I’ve written a ‘top 10’ overview of subsidized rental housing in the province.

Points raised in the blog post in include the following:

-On a per capita basis, Alberta has far fewer subsidized housing units than the rest of Canada.

-In 2017, BC’s provincial government funded more than 15 times as many housing units than Alberta, despite having a roughly similar overall population, and despite Alberta having an NDP government at the time.

-The impact of Canada’s National Housing Strategy will be modest.

-When Alberta’s provincial government does fund new subsidized units, the process lacks transparency.

-The Government of Alberta lacks a clear, public reporting structure for provincially-subsidized housing.

-In October 2019, the UCP government unveiled its first budget, announcing some housing cuts.

The link to the blog post is here.

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