TD Bank on Changing Cdn Workplace

I was pleasantly surprised to see a report published yesterday by Don Drummond and Francis Fong at the TD Bank on the Changing Canadian Workplace.  

It provides a short but decent summary of some different issues affecting labour: macro trends, educational requirements, changing composition, women, immigrants, aboriginal Canadians, older workers, widening income gaps, income security, etc.  

These are a lot of the issues we are familiar with.  I’ve only given it a quick skim, but it is refreshing to see someone else deal with these issues in what initially appears to be a candid way.

Don Drummond will be giving the Sefton memorial lecture on labour issues later this month.   It appears that, as well as International Women’s Day, was the impetus for this report.

One comment

  • It actually is not a bad report for a banker- Don is coming along for sure.

    My only problem with this is, I kind of felt it was a CPRN like report, and thought while reading it, I wonder if the CPRN has done something like this- and then I recalled the disbanding.

    It just ain’t right having a banker coming into the void- but hey its a free democratic country- right? I am sure those at the CPRN are thinking it is.

    Who is going to fill in this void?

    I think somehow a new node within this space will have to be revamped. Maybe some new funding to the CCPA, or how about a PEF research institute? The question is where will that cash come from?

    For example- I would really like to build a employment quality index, but it would take 6 months and would need to be housed somewhere.

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