Steelworkers for Obama

Along with John Edwards, the United Steelwokers union has endorsed Barack Obama for the US Presidency.

Those paying attention may recall that, a month ago, the Steelworker President indicated that it would be inappropriate for super (ex-officio) delegates to vote against pledged (elected) delegates in selecting the Democratic nominee. This position rejected Hillary Clinton’s strategy of asking super delegates to rally behind her and overturn Obama’s lead among pledged delegates.

As noted in December, I have always preferred Obama to Clinton.

One comment

  • A bit late, perhaps for the both of them.

    Where were Leo Gerard and John Edwards in Penn when a lot of the Service Employees Union went to Obama? This showed that the AFL-CIO people were unwilling to go to Obama while the more progressive Change to Win alliance went to Obama.

    My attitude will be to the back of the line. Edwards would not be my first choice a VP, there were more credible spokespeople from the Obama camp who can do the job.

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