Aeroplan class action suit?

One of my favourite things monitoring this blog stems from a post I made last year about Aeroplan disenfranchising its members who did not keep ponying up. Almost everyday lately I have been getting a comment from some furious person who lost their points. At some point along the way someone suggested the idea of a class action suit and that has resonated with many commenters.

Hoisted from the comments area is the following offer:

Shawn |

Time to walk the walk. If any of you are seriously interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit against Aeroplan for forfeited miles contact me at ’’.

Although not currently practicing, I am an Ontario lawyer in good standing and I am willing to devote whatever time I can to this project.


  • My wife and I lost a total of 45,000 points. When I called they are asking for more than $500 to restore the points. This is just daylight robbery.

    I would like to join the law suit.

  • Count me in to a class action. I lost 148,000 points due to the 12 month rule – obviously I wasn’t notified, or I would have prevented it. I’ve been an Aeroplan member for over 20 years.

  • germaine tremblay

    Count me in! Same story… after giving my $100 every year to CIBC for the privilege of using their visa card, discovered I had lost over 75 000 points. I had made SEVERAL attempts to access my Areoplan account online in order to update my mailing address, and was unsuccessful. On the day I finally got through, I discovered a 0 balance! I contacted Aeroplan, their customer service, and the president, all to no avail. I had NEVER received notice of their new policy by mail, nor by email, and have refused to pay the reinstatement fee of more than $500. I have not been on an Air Canada flight since, and will not !

  • I`d like to join your protest because I was robbed of 15,000 points without getting proper notice from aeroplan organizers.

  • Hi-just found out that my Aeroplan points were zero’d out while I was out of the country. The only notification I received was one email. I had limited access to email while out of the country, and did not receive the email.
    I had no way of knowing when I discontinued the credit card I had that contributed to Aeroplan miles, that I would have an expiry date on the miles. The credit card did not advise me, nor did Aeroplan remind me of an expiry policy.
    As for the expiry of miles, Aeroplan did not follow up in any other way except for the one email, which they ASSUME I received because it did not kick back to them. A follow up letter to my home would have shown intent by Aeroplan to ensure that I was aware of the situation.
    In my opinion, a this was a very irresponsible manner of handling my assets which I entrusted to them instead of another air miles collectors such as Airmiles.
    I have used Aeroplan for over 15 years and am extremely disappointed in their trite, “too bad for you” treatment that I just received. The telephone operator just wanted me to pay up and shut up.

  • i went to book a trip to Toronto to visit my failing father on the occasion of his 87th birthday. Aeroplan with only one email indiscriminantly removed my cherished miles.
    i am heartbroken that i wont be able to visit my father.

  • Even when you have 500,000 miles its very hard to find seats with Aeroplan. They rarely have seats or when they do they are triple the points. A class action should be initiated. Since they have separated from Air Canada the seats availability is ridiculous . Don’t waste your energy and dreams collecting those points.

  • I also lost many points, sign up for a class action suite at:

  • I just lost 103,000 points due to the inactivity rule. They are simply robbers. I called Aeroplan and their staff was also very rude. How can this kind of company survive. I would love to join the class action suit against Aeroplan

  • I was in the process of having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and severe depression as a result when I found out I lost my 54000 points. Now not working since 2001, paying to reinstate the points would be too much of a burden for me financially.
    Please let me know if there is going to be done for ‘the little guy’ against Aeroplan to get our points back.

  • I lost 67,000+ points back in July, 2007 and would have had to pay upwards of $700 to buy them back.
    I refuse to pay, thinking I might as well pay for the flight.
    I would be interested in joining a class action. A friend asked me if I knew that there was a class action under way, so I googled and found this site. I hope I’m not too late.

  • I just lost 49,000 miles, my account expired 5 days ago. No notice, no email, no phone call.. When I called them, I was told to send any invoices with either a hotel or airline to which they partner with. I did, and no luck. When I asked them what they did with my miles, they would no tell me. My profile is current on their site, and I receive monthly statements, so why no notification?? I even switched banks to get a 10,000 mile offer…waste of time. Will GLADLY join a class action suit against the biggest crooks in Canada.

  • 150,000 points stolen…I’m in.

  • Gift cards aren’t allow to expire anymore. Neither should these points that we’ve earned. Count me in.

  • Myself and my wife were saving our Aeroplan mile for long time to use them for a good vacation but suddenly we found both of our aeroplan accounts are Zeroed from a total of 300,000+ aeroplan miles. We became very much surprised and contacted aeroplan to find out about it. They informed us to pay $3000 to reinstate our mileage which we could not afford. Now, we are looking for ways to get back our hard earned mileage. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. My email:

  • I lost 25,000 points. please count me on the class action

  • I was an early-adopter of Aeroplan in the mid-eighties, saved my miles and had a balance of approximately 15000 miles… i was involved in a car accident in 2005 which has left me with spine and spinal cord injuries, which necessitated 2 spinal fusions with full instrumentation. I have been unable to travel or have a regular life since that day, i was one of those which was notified that my points would be voided if i did not use them, i communicated with AC asking them for some compassion…no such luck! Hell Yeah i want to join this action… more out of principle!

  • Lost 90,000 points to these thieves. Count me in

  • I reg’d with Merchant Law for their class action.

    Anybodyknow the current status?

  • I also registered with Merchant Law , I have not received any confirmation or update as to what is goings-on. I think its not going to happen, my seven year expiration is coming up and finally got my first AEROPLAN letter stating this. So is anyone know or has seen any documentation on a class action against AEROPLAN you can email me personally.

  • Here is an update from Merchant Law,

    “However, although your email raises a significant matter, I am afraid we cannot offer to pursue this matter or provide any advice.

    As you can appreciate, as one of Canada’s leading class action and litigation firms, we receive many requests to pursue a variety of individual lawsuits and class actions, and we hope you will contact us again if new legal matters arise”.

    Basically we are on our own , does any one have any other ideas?

  • im in, i lost 60,000 mile.

  • A few years ago I called Aeroplan to use our points and they said they had expired – we had not been informed of when they would expire. There were enough for a round trip to Hawaii. The Aeroplan employee just laughed and said I could buy them back for $450.00 but I declined; however I always tell my story to anyone I know so it doesn’t happen to them. I would like to be part of the class action if it would help get our points returned.

  • I’ve posted Aeroplan executives’ email addresses on my site if you want to contact them:

    You can also vote on whether you think Aeroplan’s policy of expiring points is ethical, on my site here:

  • Point balance with Aeroplan was 158,000 in 2002. I was saving them for my current retirement. These points were earned long before any aeroplan “rule” changes in 2006 (which I was never aware of), yet I am now told the points are gone.

  • I have lost 68000 aeroplan point.s because I did not use my aeroplan card. There was a tragedy in our lives at that time and I just did not check my account. They stole those points from me. What is current status of the law suit. Please reply thank you.

  • I purchased my aeroplan membership in 1987 for $25 – for rewards for flying- no restrictions. They removed them and I am tired trying to reinstate them I joined the class action suit thank you

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