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  • This is pseudo religious propaganda garbage.

    The more we globalize and compate the poorer we get. We have all the evidence starung at us. If we still had the same proportional divisions between wages and living costs we had in the 50s and 60s, the average wage would have to be $50/hr and higher.

    All forms of competition increase real, physical costs, which ultimatelely also increase monetary costs, caused by the reactions to increased energy inputs. I.e. poverty, income gap, pollution, climate changes, depletion etc.

    The purpose of globalization is the collectivization of all production into the hands of a multinational power elite. Grain and food production is already controlled by a handful of corporations, who are depressing prices paid to the producers, while raising them to the users.

    The Soviets accomplished their collectivization with the bayonets of the GPU, our politbureau/corporate boards are doing it with the perceived energy of imaginary capital, created from the air by banks in selected countries, using the fraudulent definition of economic efficiency as the excuse for ecological and human destruction.

    Human labour doesn’t cost anything to an economy, because it is energy neutral, already exists and its existence is protected by thousands of laws, therefore the use of its full potential, enhanced by genuine technology, is necessary for a healthy system.

    Anybody who questions this should try to break the First and Second laws of thermodynamics and Newton’s laws on speed and reaction. Neoclassical economists have been trying for 40 years and have created a mess that kills tens of millions every year, endangers the survival of humanity and of Earth itself.

    In short, the secret for survival is the adaptation of physical efficiency to economics. There’s no other way.

    Ed Deak, Big Lake, BC.

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