Labour Market Data Sitting on a Shelf

The Globe and Mail reports that the results of the Workplace Survey have sat on a shelf for two years due to cuts at Statistics Canada and a lack of funding from Employment and Social Development Canada.

This, while the Minister for ESDC says that Canada’s labour market information is inadequate and “we need better data”.

Perhaps the Minister can spare some of the advertising budget for the Canada Job Grant to analyse the data that the Canadian government has already spent $4.6 million to collect.

I had earlier expressed hope that the results of the Workplace Survey would soon be available, and perhaps be replicated, as it would fill a much needed gap in Canada’s Labour Market Information.

It seems I shouldn’t hold my breath.

One comment

  • When the Minister says we need better data, I think what he means by ‘better’ is data that conforms to Conservative Party of Canada ideology and a priori policy decisions. Which is probably why the Workplace Survey is sitting on the shelf – they probably already have a sense that it will tell them things the would rather not hear.

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