July Job Numbers Fall

Statistics Canada’s monthly job numbers are out, and it doesn’t look great.  After big jumps in March and April, there was little change in May and June.  In July, total employment fell by 30,000, mostly due to a fall in the numbers of women part-time workers over 55.  The unemployment rate rose to 7.3%.

Employment losses were spread among manufacturing (-18,000), wholesale and retail trade (-30,000), professional, scientific, and technical services (-21,000), and public administration (-17,000).

Employment among 15-24 year olds was down 52,000 over July 2011, but the unemployment rate was still lower this July (14.3%) because youth have dropped out of the labour market.  47% of youth in this age group work part-time.

The employment picture was particularly grim for young students aged 15-19.  The employment rate for 15-16 year olds was the lowest on record at 29%, and their unemployment rate was a whopping 31.2%.  For students aged 17-19, there has been no improvement since the beginning (or end) of the recession.  Their unemployment rate of 17.7% is disheartening, to say the least.

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  • I would bet that the large drop in Quebec is because of all those students studying in the summer – instead of their usual summer job – to catch up after last spring strikes.

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