Dutch disease revised

As we know, Dutch disease is about damage to industry from resource exports. As we witness the widespread drought this summer in North America and the damage to crops, Dutch disease needs to be redefined to also include the damage to agriculture. The Canadian West eats its own as it produces oil.


  • yes eating there own for sure from crops to long run productive assets in the east that could actually produce the infrastructure to put a brake on climate change. It will be the developed economies that have the manufacturing flexibility and agility to mass produce the solutions to make our way forward. China may have a lead in solar but it was their own doing and the developed economy going all in on thin film solar contra the traditional photo voltaic. Cheap labour can do funny things to tech change. A good case study to learn about the growing the green mass production solution.

  • that should be “their own”!!!! damn I hate the grammar checker on the PEF site.

  • Dan – true, but it’s a lot easier for the lower seat party to gorven if they only need 1 other party’s support. If Iggy has less seats, he’d need both NDP and Bloc (or just Bloc) support to gorven, which makes it a less stable situation.Either way, I’m sure it would get us another round of coalition speculation, if nothing else.

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