More on “Labour Shortages”

Here are the most recent Statscan job vacancy data by province. There were six unemployed workers for every reported job vacancy in Canada in the three months ending in January, rising to about ten unemployed workers for every open job slot in Atlantic Canada.

Note that there is no information on what wages employers were prepared to offer to fill these “vacant” jobs.


Number of unemployed, number of job vacancies, and unemployment-to-job vacancies ratio, by province and territory

Three-month average ending in January 2012
Unemployment-to-Job Vacancies
Canada 6.0
Newfoundland and Labrador 15.4
Prince Edward Island 9.0
Nova Scotia 9.5
New Brunswick 12.1
Quebec 6.1
Ontario 8.6
Manitoba 3.8
Saskatchewan 2.6
Alberta 2.0
British Columbia 8.1
Yukon 4.8
Northwest Territories 6.7
Nunavut 7.6



  • This is deliberate onbuscation to hide Harper’s gross economic mismanagement causing mass unemployment

  • I think hard right-wingers are actually Marxists at heart. It’s not mismanagement, they’re consciously causing mass unemployment. The idea is to grow larger what Marx called “the reserve army of labour” so as to make it easier to cut wages. They don’t call it that, but right wing talk about a “flexible” work force and so on has much the same meaning.

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