Towards a Wage-Led Recovery

A new issue of the International Journal of Labour Research has been published

“While a lot of attention has been deservedly given to the financial
roots of the current economic crisis, the role of wages as a cause to
the crisis as well as a solution to the current economic predicament
have yet to be fully understood. To help fill this gap, the Fall issue
of the International Journal of Labour Research is dedicated to this
topic. Contributors look at the policy roots of growing wage inequality
as well as the secular decline in the “wage share” of national income
over the past decades and how these developments are intertwined with
the financial crisis. They offer a critique of mainstream economic
analysis of labour markets and present alternative analytical frameworks
to understand the role that wage can play in a “wage-led” recovery
strategy. An article also delves into the Greek crisis and examine how
the response to a fiscal crisis has morphed into a full-fledged attack
on labour and how this may well become the template for future policy
responses in the rest of Europe.”

It can be found at the following link:—ed_dialogue/—actrav/documents/publication/wcms_168753.pdf


  • It appears you have given the correct link TEXT but not the correct underlying link (which refers one back to the PEF).

    So, until the link is updated, if you want to visit the issue, copy the link text into your address bar.

  • Fixed

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