John Loxley’s New Book

I was at our neighbourhood leftie bookstore today and picked up a copy of the new book from John Loxley at the University of Manitoba:

Aboriginal, Northern, and Community Economic Development: Papers and Retrospectives (Arbeiter Ring: 2010).

It’s a collection of John’s work over the years in the area of first nations and northern economic development.  He has dedicated untold hours of volunteer time over decades to providing informed, respectful advice and consulting for first national communities in Manitoba and elsewhere.

It’s an inspiring and solidaristic approach to the efforts by first nations to build autnomous and sustainable economies, both pragmatic and visionary (like so much of John’s other work).

Here’s another interesting tidbit: The publishers have highlighted, right on the front cover, that John was the winner of the 2010 John Keneth Galbraith Prize in Economics!  Apparently, this PEF initiative is now considered a “marketable” badge of honour.

This collection is destined to become an essential reference to the theory and practice of ocmmunity economic development for marginalized and isolated communities, in Canada and elsewhere.

For those in the Toronto area, John will be giving the annual Phyllis Clarke Memorial Lecture, at Oakham Lounge at Ryerson University on March 10 beginning at 7 pm.

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