Revere Award for Economics

The real world economic review is still accepting votes from the public for the “Revere Award for Economics”.  This is to be awarded to the three economists “who first and most clearly anticipated and gave public warning of the Global Financial Collapse and whose work is most likely to prevent another GFC in the future”.

This is a follow up to their Dynamite Prize for Economics, in which 7,500 people chose Allan Greenspan, Milton Friedman and Larry Summers as the three economists who contributed the most to causing the Global Financial Crisis.

 There are 12 economists shortlisted (including Stiglitz, Krugman, Soros, etc.).   Leading with 23% of the votes now is the Australian economist Steve Keen author of Debunking Economics (the button on his debtdeflation blog may help!) and tied for second with 10% of the votes are the well-known economist Nouriel Roubini, CEPR economist Dean Baker (who just gave a very good talk last night in Ottawa in support of a financial transactions tax), and Ann Pettifor, author of The Coming First World Debt Crisis, a fellow with the new economics foundation in the UK and executive director of Advocacy International.

There’s a good timeline on the real world economics site, useful evidence that not all economists failed in their duty to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to warn of the impending crisis.

As far as I’m aware, all interested can vote and lack of formal qualifications or of property ownership are no impediment.

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