The Manufacturing Crisis in Quebec

One question that has long been of concern to me – and for which relevant data are very limited – is the permanency of recent manufacturing job losses. We know that tesn of thousands of jobs have been lost,  but not how many job losses are due to the permanent closure of facilities.

A paper by Patrice Jalette and Natacha Prudent of CRIMT, Universite de Montreal, presented to the recent meetings of the Canadian Industrial Relations Association draws on administrative data for Quebec – notifications to the province of layoffs of more than 10 persons.  The data suggest that 60% of the jobs lost in manufacturing 2003-08  were described as permanent layoffs.


  • would you have an e-copy, searched the web but no luck.

    I imagine, given the numbers at the top end, Ontario could be faced with a similar percentage. That data source is exclusive to Quebec isn’t it?

    When you combine that with forestry, makes you wonder where these Quebec worker ended up, most likely a lot less mobility was used as a labour market outcome. And I wonder with regard to labour force attachment and employment where these resolved to.

  • OTOH, this may explain why Quebec is weathering the recession fairly well. The shift away from manufacturing is further advanced here than in Ontario.

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