Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister, With No Interest in Electoral Politics

Once in a while, I come across a blog post that is so on-point I cannot add much more than a link to it. With CBC broadcasting this year’s edition of Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister tonight, I highly recommend this post on the contest’s boneheaded entry requirement.

The rule is as follows: “It is a condition of entry and participation in the Competition that the Competitor has not been elected to any political office, either federally, provincially or municipally (including, without limitation, as a school board trustee), nor shall the person have run for a nomination for any political party for Parliament or the legislature in any province.”

It is perhaps understandable that CBC is trying to create a competition for prospective politicians rather than for young MPs and MLAs. But banning anyone who has ever been, or attempted to be, a candidate just arbitrarily excludes the prospective politicians who have most clearly demonstrated the interests and ambitions that the competition claims to seek.


  • Glad you liked it and thanks for the link. I link to The Progressive Economics Forum often, and recommend it’s analysis wholeheartedly.

    New at Rusty Idols are photos from yesterday’s protest against Bush’s visit to Calgary.

  • good that you pointed this out.

  • I guess they don’t want people coming on the show that can be seen as self-promoters.

    It’s not that they aren’t self-promoters, they just don’t want them to be seen as self-promoters.

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