CUPE Economic Climate for Bargaining June 2008

CUPE has published the June 2008 issue of the Economic Climate for Bargaining publication that I put together on a quarterly basis.  Previous issues are also available through this link at our website.   In addition to regular items on national and provincial economic forecasts and analysis of recent employment, inflation and wage developments, this latest issue includes:

  • A very brief primer on carbon taxes, credits and offsets
  • Analysis of carbon tax impacts on different household income groups (national estimates) 
  • A summary of the growing number of “green job” opportunities
  • New collective agreement green bargaining provisions
  • Discussion of the factors behind and impacts of recent fuel and food price increases

In this document, I include a “consensus average” of the national and provincial forecasts from major (mostly bank) economic forecasters.     I have very mixed feeelings about including these because I certainly don’t agree with some of these, but don’t have the time or resources to do a forecast ourselves, and there is a demand for this type of information.

Comments, corrections and suggestions are most welcome!

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