The Role of Post-secondary Education

“Post-secondary education plays an important role in ensuring there are highly trained people to fill the many positions that will be left vacant by the wave of retiring baby boomers,” says BC Minister of Advanced Education Murray Coell in a news release announcing the creation of a new doctoral degree program (in gerontology) at Simon Fraser University. The release ends by asserting that new academic programs “are helping to improve B.C.’s competitiveness and productivity.”

No wonder the BC government is shifting funding away from general education and towards vocational programs if they only value education for its direct labour-market contributions.

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  • Phillip Huggan

    Rural Canadians have 155% the federal riding weight of the 80% of Canadians that live in 33 cities accounting for 68% of federal ridings.

    The purpose of education should be to brainwash students to disband cities and move to towns to ensure an equal political spectrum of rural “superdelegates”.

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