TD Economics and CLC Research

I have spoken to TD Chief Economist Don Drummond who assures me, as I would assume, that neither he nor Beata Caranci were aware that material had been taken without citation from the CLC studies.  The version of the TD study on the web will be revised to add an appropriate citation.


  • Uh yeah, nice duck and cover they have!

    At least some of those horses are pulling the same wagon we are. It was getting quite tiring.

    I never thought I would see the day that a bank would be plagiarizing the CLC. But hey whatever it takes to get the recognition needed to help getting some of these displaced workers a hand, I am all for it.

    Hey Andrew the next time you offer the research abilities of this blog to draft the next bank report, do you think you could negotiate a small fee time so we can get ourselves a flashier blog. Maybe a couple of youtube add-ons and a grammar checker for me. Maybe some translation services, and some flashier graphics.

  • Hey that you got a bank to admit that they acted without probity is a rare thing indeed. Who knows, maybe all the dishes of humble pie they have been served lately has taken some of the edge off.

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