John Kenneth Galbraith Prize in Economics 2008

It is my great pleasure to announce the winners of the first John Kenneth Galbraith Prize in Economics: Mel Watkins and Kari Polanyi Levitt will share the Prize. The award was largely on the basis of their pioneering work around foreign (US) investment and ownership and multinational corporations back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Both Kari and Mel will be in Vancouver for the CEA meetings and will co-deliver the JKG Lecture. We are still awaiting final confirmation of time slots but we anticipate that the event will be held on Sunday, June 8, in the final slot of the CEA conference (10:30 am). Please join us for this and our five other PEF panels this year.

The JKG Prize will be awarded every two years and is based on a demonstrated contribution combining economic analysis with a commitment to social justice, and whose work exemplifies the goals and objectives of the PEF.

The Prize was inaugurated last year at the CEA meetings in Halifax by Jamie Galbraith. His lecture is available here. More information on the JKG Prize is available here. In addition to Mel and Kari, the other nominees were Gideon Rosenbluth, John Loxley, Lars Osberg, Mark Setterfield and Marc Lavoie. Thanks to all who submitted nominations. The award was determined by a selection committee of Mario Seccareccia, Brenda Spotton Visano, Fletcher Barager, Andrew Jackson and Marc Lee.


  • You all should think about renaming the Prize: The GK Galbraith Prize in Economics in Memorial of Alfred Nobel. Then all of your winners can say they to won a Nobel.

    As an aside, do the economists in question have to be of the institutionalist variety in order to get into the running?

  • Should have read “JK” had programming on the brain.

  • Well deserved by both. A great selection by the judges.

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