Economist as Renaissance Man

OK this is silly, but whatever…

I was invited to participate in a most excellent annual fund-raising project sponsored by Creative Works Studio — a Toronto initiative that uses art therapy with the mentally ill.  They invite a number of so-called “celebrities” (definitely stretching the definition in my case) to actually paint a picture, that gets auctioned off at a nice dinner April 28.  So I was forced to reveal the Renaissance side of my personality and put brush to canvas.  Scary, very scary.

Other painters this year include the likes of Daniel Libeskind (architect), Rick Mercer (TV host), and Guillaume Cote (ballet dancer).  I am sure that those artsy types all have active left brain hemispheres, unlike me.  They should give special dispensation to participants who are actually good at math.

There is an economic content to this posting: my painting, of course, makes an economic statement.  You can guess which one it is by joining a contest on the web site (go to, the click on NOW Contest on the left side to see all the paintings) where you match the painting to the celebrity artist.  Here’s a hint: mine would make a most excellent retirement gift for David Dodge.


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