A good week for justice

If only the news could be this good every week:

Serial killer Robert Pickton gets 25 years.

Disgraced tycoon Conrad Black gets 6.5 years.

Former President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, gets six years for abuse of power (with more charges pending).

Karlheinz Shreiber tells of dirty dealings with the Mulroney government.

The Mayor of Ottawa is charged with fraud.

And the Conservatives are finally getting their just desserts on climate change and copyright.


  • A pretty good week for sure. Although I hope on the last item that the media mounts a campaign to expose the Tories backhanded, do nothing, climate change plan. Harper has not shed his skin, it would seem he still believes the environmental movement is an international socialist plot that must be fought against. The actions of our elected officials in Bali are such an embarrassment. I for one have never felt so ashamed to be a Canadian. Such a delicate touch needed to bring all the countries of the world together to act in concert and sing loudly for once, and here we have these scheming Bush loving, Canadian harperite henchmen pushing around their “derail it at all costs” agendas.

    I think Baird should resign given our performance at this conference.


  • That should be “just deserts”, not “desserts” — but I agree with you. Although Black should have got a stiffer sentence.

  • I think the term is just desserts, as in the treat after dinner, not deserts, the dry and arid climatic regions, non?

    Paul, remember that this is a government that has the support of a relatively small minority of Canadians. Though it does make for a sad 50th anniversary of Pearson winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Daniel Bogert-O'Brien

    The hope is that we will not have them re-elected as again as government but reduced one hopes to the opposition benches. The danger is too many seem prepared to vote Conservative because they too believe that economic growth is the answer to all our problems… I do wish someone would talk about Herman Daily and Steady State economics on these pages…

  • No, it’s “just deserts”. And it has nothing to do with treats or arid regions.

    Google it and you’ll see why.

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