200,000 Served

This morning, someone viewed Relentlessly Progressive Economics for the 200,000th time.

Since reaching 100,000 views in June, our previous website has crept up to nearly 122,000 even though we added nothing to its 600 classic posts. Since being created in June, the current website has added 259 posts (including this one) and been viewed almost 79,000 times.

Because the old website directs some traffic to new website, adding the totals together may entail some double-counting. Nevertheless, comparing the two totals confirms that readership is growing at an accelerating pace.

One comment

  • Kudos to Marc Lee (with supporting kudos to Erin Weir and Andrew Jackson for the regular posts).

    This blog is the best discovery I’ve made since ballroom dancing!

    I visit this blog once a week and read everything. It’s an invaluable educational tool.

    It’s probably the best initiative the PEF has ever had (though our panels at the annual CEA meetings give it a run for its money).

    Congraluations to Marc Lee for the idea and the work!

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