The Nordics are embarassing us again

A lovely counterpoint to last week in Canadian politics on greenhouse gas emission reductions, Kyoto and Minister Baird:

Norway Plans to Go ‘Carbon Neutral’

April 20, 2007 — Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday proposed to make Norway the first “carbon neutral” state by 2050 and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 30 percent by 2020.

“We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2020,” Stoltenberg said in a speech at his Labor Party’s annual congress.

The pledge by Norway, which is not a member of the European Union, outshines the EU’s proposed plan to cut its emissions by at least 20 percent during the same period.

Stoltenberg urged his party to make environmental history and said: “By 2050 even larger reductions will be necessary. The wealthy countries must become zero emission states.”

“Norway would become the first country in the world to adopt such a concrete measure,” he said.

“This means that for every ton of greenhouse gases that is discharged we will make sure that the equivalent amount has to be reduced somewhere else,” he continued, referring to a compensation mechanism outlined in the Kyoto Protocol.

In the short term, the prime minister said Norway’s emissions would by 2012 be reduced by 10 percent more than what is required by the Kyoto Protocol.

A white book on Norway’s fight against climate change is due to be presented to the Norwegian parliament next month.

Norway — the third largest exporter of oil and natural gas, fossil fuels seen as one of the main causes of global warming — already covers almost all of its electricity needs with “clean energy” from hydropower.


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  • janfromthebruce

    Which countries do they mainly export oil and gas to? Do you know if these companies are mainly owed by foreign corps, nationalized and govt owned. Just curious.

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