Twenty Pieces of Silver for Boudria

As advertised on page B7 of today’s Globe and Mail, Hill & Knowlton has promoted Don Boudria from “part-time” Senior Associate to “full-time” Senior Counsellor. Boudria, the former Liberal Whip and House Leader, chaired Dion’s leadership campaign.

He attended all of the parliamentary-committee hearings on C-257 to oppose the Bill. In recent days, he visited Liberal MPs who had voted for the Bill on second reading to convince them to vote against it on last night’s third reading.

Perhaps it is coincidental that Hill & Knowlton advertised Boudria’s promotion the day after anti-scab legislation was defeated with his help. However, it also seems possible that corporate Canada is sending a not-so-subtle signal to other politicians.

P. S. – The Liberals have apparently introduced their own (slightly different) anti-scab bill, which seems likely to die on the order paper when the government falls. However, it will allow Dion to continue claiming to support anti-scab legislation in principle without implementing it in practice.

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