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“The interpretation of the history of North America in terms of rum and brandy has not been written, but in the fur trade, rum represented the contribution of the West Indies to trade of the Old Empire, and brandy the emphasis on French vineyards and self-sufficienty.” Innis, 1933
So far as I know, still not written
Must be willing to travel.

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  • I am in full agreement, Mel! After a tour of an old sugar refinery in Cuba this past winter, I suggested to our guide that he acquaint himself with staples theory. He was already implicitly giving a staples interpretation of regional development in Cuba. He could then extend this to two current “staples” promoted in the Cuban economy: vacations and medical services. Also research in this “triangular trade” pattern should help explain why Maritimers eat homemade bread with molasses, but west coasters do not!

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