I am sure readers of this blog are not unsympathetic to the case for a government supported program which, at a time of very high youth unemployment, annually enables some 1500 young people to volunteer to work in not for profit sponsored community development projects across the country. Participants- aged 17 to 21 – are usually engaged in two projects outside their home community over six months.

The government claims that the program is too costly. But Katimavik’s numbers show that their $16 Million annual budget generates some $14 Million per year in community benefits, and that is before taking any account of benefits for the participants themselves. They gain valuable work and civic engagement experience and a real sense of our very diverse country.  The cost per participant is only $77 per day, and the administrative overhead is just 8%.

It turns out that the federal government is not only reneging on their multi year commitment, they are also pulling the rug from under the nearly 600 incoming volunteers who were expecting to begin their 6-month program in July 2012.  Most will have great difficulty filling in a big gap in a planned break between high school and post secondary education.


  • Former Canada World Youth-er

    Revive CWY’s excellent sister program.

  • This is just the beginning…Liberal voter need to lend their vote to the NDP next election to stop the. Madness …

  • david schroeder

    does anyone doubt that Harper will not stop until he has gutted any program or institution that does not serve his corporate agenda. how can anyone really believe his 2012 budget calling for jobs and growth when all you ever hear about is cut this! cut that! and the only growth he supports is in the oil patch. this guy is not a federalist, only an Albertan separatist!

  • Yeah…well separate away …

  • At the same time Harper has shut down Katimavik he has also increased transfers to other youth organizations with similar initiatives – a key recipient being the YMCA. My bet is that this is part of a quiet attempt at de-secularization. If you are a Christian organization that leans right there may be funding in the pot.
    Muslim or other faith, not so much. Believe in the environment? Sorry. Prefer Darwin to the Book of Genesis? Watch out the door does not hit you when it closes.

    Also, there have been news reports of over 1,500 Canadian youth marching in London UK in support of the Vimy Ridge celebrations. Each was wearing an identical red jacket. Who paid the freight and accomodations to get this group over there? And who outfitted them with Chairman Mao jackets? Chairman Harper? And why is the Federal government creating culture events in a time of budget restraint? We lay people off so we can send a select group to Europe on the public dime?

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