Call for Nominations: 2012 Galbraith Prize in Economics

In June 2012, the PEF will be awarding the third John Kenneth Galbraith Prize in Economics. Nominations are now open to all PEF members in good standing (if you are a lapsed member or want to join for the first time, click here), and the window for nominations will stay open until January 31, 2012. Just email your nomination, with a short rationale (max. 300 words) to

The Galbraith Prize is only awarded every two years, and the winner must be able to come to Calgary for the Canadian Economics Association meetings to deliver the JK Galbraith Lecture (June 8-10, 2012). The Prize comes with a $2,000 monetary award plus travel and accommodation for Calgary.

As per the terms of reference, the Prize is fairly open-ended, and is “awarded based on a demonstrated contribution combining economic analysis with a commitment to social justice, whose work exemplifies the goals and objectives of the PEF.”

This year’s distinguished panel of judges includes all three past recipients of the Prize:

  • Kari Polanyi Levitt: Professor Emeritus of Economics, McGill University, co-founder of the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development, and author of Silent Surrender and Reclaiming Development.  Co-Winner, 2008 Galbraith Prize.
  • John Loxley: Professor of Economics, University of Manitoba, expert on global financial issues and community and economic development, co-author of Public Service, Private Profits.  Winner of 2010 Galbraith Prize.
  • Mel Watkins: Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Toronto, peace and aboriginal rights activist, lead author of Foreign Ownership and the Structure of Canadian Industry.  Co-Winner, 2008 Galbraith Prize.
  • Morna Ballantyne: Long-time union activist, Director of Regional Offices for the Public Service Alliance of Canada, and founder of the Union Leadership website (
  • Tony Dean: Former Secretary to the Ontario Cabinet (Ontario’s top civil servant), now Fellow at the School of Public Policy and Government, University of Toronto.

For more information on the Prize and past JK Galbraith Lectures, see the Galbraith Prize page.


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