Buy America Redux

Scott Sinclair writes cogently on the CCPA blog about the current edition of the Buy American debate. We had somewhat different views of the 2010 Canada-U.S. Agreement on Government Procurement.

However, I certainly endorse Scott’s conclusion that the Canadian government should be strengthening public investment here rather than just complaining about proposed public investment south of the border.

What strikes me is that corporate Canada and Conservatives are upset about being excluded from some potential procurement contracts if Obama’s jobs plan is enacted with Buy American provisions. But they seem unconcerned about losing all of those potential contracts if Republicans block the jobs plan.


  • Like I said in the first round of this drama. These are exceptional measures designed to stimulate the US economy. Of course they will want to make sure they do just that. We should be doing the same.

  • And even more surprisingly, corporate Canada seems unconcerned about losing the procurement contracts they have now with Canadian provinces, municipalities, crown corporations and govt agencies once these are opened up to EU companies under the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). The EU Canada SIA Final Report June 2011 predicts EU companies will gain a share of this government procurement market.

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