World Economics Association Formed

Today marks the launch of a new global organization committed to plurality and ethics in the economics profession, the World Economics Association.

The six initiators of the Association include Edward Fullbrook who has been running the Real World Economics network (formerly the “Post-Autistic Economics” newsletter) for a few years.  The group has invited 141 economists from around the world to serve as “founding” members (including yours truly and Marc Lavoie from Canada).

The WEA plans to publish 3 journals (two more in addition to the Real World Economics Review), and is now soliciting mass memberships from all interested individuals.  Membership is free; sign up for the WEA here.

After seeing “Inside Job” for the first time last week, with its devastating expose of the conflicts of interest inherent in so much mainstream economics work (the interview with Frederic Mishkin is unforgettable), I am especially looking forward to the WEA’s plan to develop a code of ethics for economists.

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  • Yes, this is all very interesting. Pluralism is fine as far as it goes. But is there a more advanced form of economics just round the corner.

    See my p2pfoundation on Transfinancial Economics.

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