Canada’s Economic Ad/ction Plan

Oh, the cynicism of it all.

I was just watching the Evan Solomon Power and Politics show on Newsworld (about 5.40pm ) when an ad came up extolling opportunities for re-training under Canada’s Economic Action Plan and referring viewers to the same web site.

That’s strange, I thought. Have those programs not expired?

I checked the web site and find that it is thoeretically possible to access extended training benefits for long tenure workers, so long as a claim was begun before the end of last May.

It is theoretically possible to apply since claims can last for up to 50 weeks – but this is surely milking the Action Plan for all that it is worth on the ad side as opposed to the action side.


  • I don’t believe you are being cynical. In fact if one were to do a proper job of it, that is building an economy through a development program, one would first actually have a plan. We have went through the greatest downturn since the great depression, and this government has not had a job strategy program from the get go.

    Second, any massive program with the stated intention of creating jobs, would actually have a very transparent process of spending and job creation. Not even the auditor general with all the access to the numbers he has could not figure out what was spent, when, and how many jobs were created.

    It is not cynical at all. This government has proven that paying extreme attention to image and not substance can actually keep a quite inept regime in power. Thankfully not a majority, but seemingly ruling like one.

    I am impressed actually that in Canada can one dress up a massive income tax cut that was handed out almost a year before the great recession started to serve as the main plank in an action plan. And then hand out a further massive across the board corporate tax cut disguised as more recession help.

    Yes a plan would be nice, and no Andrew I do not believe you are being cynical.

    Seeing the dollar rise to 101.5 and the manufacturing sector rise by how many thousands of jobs last month, truly is an amazing trick. Wait till the new census takes hold, we’ll see even better tricks! By the way did anybody notice even one plant opening a couple months back, or any massive recall of workers in the manufacturing sector?

    I dare somebody to list one headline of such an event!


  • It is like watching the old BC Socreds in action. Makes me feel positively pre-adolescent.

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