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    The clowns are ready for a big show, smiling Tory faces and weeping foreign execs telling us how great a tax brake would be for their investment dollars.

    It truly is a huge show they are putting on- wow, you just cannot mess with the money and the henchmen the tories have in so many places.

    Maybe liberalism is dying a slow death.

    So lets see, we have a artificially high dollar, mainly due to the price of oil and other commodities, which curtails investment- so now we have to destroy our taxation base to bring in this investment?

    In many ways the west’s gain with dirty oil energy is destroying the country and given the dynamics of dirty energy destroying the planet.

  • Letter to Editor – Toronto Star


    As an active member of the Facebook group People For Corporate Tax Cuts, I say $10 billion per year in corporate tax relief is not enough, particularly in these trying times. Like most Canadians, I could easily dip into my pocket and contribute an extra few hundred or even thousand to help big business out a little bit more.

    And for those who don’t have anything to spare, don’t worry. The Conservatives can always just take any shortfall from health and social transfers, employment insurance or old age pensions.

    Larry Kazdan, Vancouver

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