• How about a cranberry and soda. I have not had a drink in 7 years- passionate economics and alcohol have never been a good mix for me. Just a stroll down Elgin street in Ottawa will signify my attempts at grad school/ full time work/ and passionate economics beers. I think there are still a few holes in some pub walls from some of my better performances!

    Especially the nights where some Tory policy people would join me in some economic poetics!

    Hope all is well in your new digs Erin, we need to get that global labour response sorted a lot more than it is.


    P.s. I never knew swimming had so many rules. Lol.

  • As a former ICFTU senior staff, may I suggest that
    you concentrate on your job at the ITUC. Your
    observations are of no interest.

  • Wow Dave a little harsh, such solidarity I always felt labour at the senior ranks just had way too much solidarity. In fact I don think it should be a policy at the international levelbthat solidarity should be ratcheted down a couple of levels, as the brotherhood is just too overwhelming and we cannot have that.

    Phrack Dave I thinknyoumay have been in the movement just a bit too long. Sounds like you need a break.

  • I thought I would get a chance to drink beer with you in Halifax.. when do you come back?

  • Whoa! As a former whatever-the-heck senior staff, he could use some netiquette. The typical rule as I understand it is, if you realize the existence on the net of something that doesn’t interest you, you are allowed to not read it.
    If you insist on going and denouncing every piece of internet content out there that doesn’t engage you, your life will be roughly as futile as that of the guy in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy who went around in a spaceship trying to insult everyone in the entire galaxy, in alphabetical order.

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