CUPE federal budget analysis — and video!

I’ve been remiss in not posting information about and links to the federal budget analysis that we did at CUPE, as Paul Tulloch had urged on this blog.  

In addition to the press release we issued, there’s an overview and summary that I prepared on budget day, and a dozen really good detailed issue sheets that different CUPE researchers prepared about the budget and what it does –and doesn’t–do for aboriginal peoples, climate change, early learning and child care, employment insurance, health care, municipal infrastructure, non-profit community and social services, pensions, post-secondary education, privatization, water and women.

Later on, I’d like to comment on the measures in the federal budget taken to tighten up on the stock option tax deduction that I had written about the day before the budget.   I believe their claims of tax savings from this measure are far too high and will come out on the corporate tax side, rather than the PIT side in any case.

And for some entertainment, here is the link to a video, also critically acclaimed on YouTube “The scourge of fair taxes”, that CUPE had done after the 2008 Budget.   Still very relevant and funny after all these years.

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