Canada’s Economic Action Plan: The Infomercial

During tonight’s Hockey Night in Canada I got to see the new ads for Canada’s Economic Action Plan (OK, I think they are new; I don’t watch TV except for hockey). Now that it is October, I find it interesting to hear the government trumpeting the plan they tabled back in … when was that again? … oh, yes, January (I skated to the budget lock-up, there was snow everywhere, and Stephane Dion smiled at me when our paths crossed on Wellington St).

True, it has taken them a long time to get the checkbook out and money is only just starting to flow. But why the ad campaign now? Well, with an election looming, even if not until the spring, why not use taxpayer dollars to advertise the Conservatives’ campaign message. They even put a bracketed “still to be approved by Parliament” after the home renovation tax credit part to play up the notion that a vote would jeapordize the credit (thanks again for the $400, Steve and Jim).

That’s all a show for the plebs who watch hockey on the weekend. Back in the regular media they are trumpeting how the economy has turned the corner. Of course, a year ago this very same government had no idea a recession was coming and during the election promised to never run a deficit. I’m glad they changed their minds on the last part, but to be fair we only got a fairly meek action plan in January, and then, only after the government nearly fell back in December.

Canada’s Economic Action: Belatedly responding with half-measures and a slick ad campaign. Don’t you feel better now?

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