Steelworkers and the Auto Bailout

As has been widely reported, Ron Bloom from my union’s Pittsburgh headquarters will serve on President Obama’s Task Force on Autos.

One might ask why a Steelworker is involved in crafting the automotive bailout. There are at least three reasons.

First, during his previous career as a financier, Bloom developed significant personal expertise on the auto industry.

Second, while working for USW, Bloom authored detailed critiques of the American financial bailout. He has an analysis of how to conduct bailouts more effectively.

Third, Steelworkers have a major stake in restructuring the auto industry. Although USW does not represent auto-assembly workers, it represents workers who make the things that go into automobiles: steel, parts, glass, tires, etc. (As a result, Leo Gerard was a major spokesman for the bailout.)


  • Actually Erin, it seems like a good measure of the headlines, especially in the US, are covering his connection as somehow suspicious. Is it me or is there something going on here that somehow portrays this as being a bad thing. I am pretty sure that the American business media is not spotlighting this as a good thing.

    I am confused by the American business culture and why this has gotten so much air play. There have been numerous appointments to advisory committees and such, but a fair bit of a media spotlight has been given to Bloom’s appointment.

    Maybe I am reading too much into this.


  • indeed these three automakers need any financial assistance and support all the way to make greener cars for the future.

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