Federal Budget Analysis and Issue Sheets

CUPE has a set of eleven a dozen really good issue sheets on-line with analysis on different topics about what was in the 2009 Federal Budget, what wasn’t in it, what it means, and what would have been better choices.

The topics include: Employment Insurance, Municipal Infrastructure, Privatization, Pensions, the Environment, Aboriginal Issues, Post-secondary Education, Health Care, Early Learning and Childcare, Social Services, Water and Women. These were prepared by CUPE researchers and should be a good resource for others on these issues.

They are available on-line with the rest of CUPE’s budget analysis.

We also have a preliminary report card on how the budget meets the key economic concerns of stimulating the economy, protecting the vulnerable, and rebuilding the economy.  Hugh Mackenzie also had an op-ed in the Toronto Star about the budget I thought was right on the mark on these issues.

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