• I am surprised Andrew Jackson is attracted to Liverpool. Does he not know during the Civil War whilst the cotton workers of Lancashire were starving in the the cotton famine to deny the South money and force them into surrender Liverpool was still supplying the Confederates with Warships.Just shows how history gets distorted with the years. Next time he is over here he should visit the statue of Lincoln in Manchester and read the moving letter Lincoln wrote to the men of Manchester as our local black population do every year. Of couse there is a lot more to Liverpool They exercised such a firm grip on our commerce Manchester was forced to build a ship canal to break its stranglehold. This blackmailing was only stopped when container traffic revolutionised world trade and Liverpool was forced out of the market. In 1954 I was asked to go up to Liverpool to check a shipment of ammunition supposedly sabotaged in Egypt. The army was in a panic terrified of upsetting the Liverpool dockers who had such a stranglehold. We needed to keep quiet until the ship arrived.we had a liasion officer who explained whilst all dockers were tough characters those of Liverpool were in a league of their own.and the slightest rumour would close the port.

  • None of our cities are as they were. We live in layers more comfortable with similar souls 1,000 of miles away than next door neighbours. Organised crime has worldwide intelligence, and links to the top. The underclass, technicians, businessmen seem to behave similarly. The fashion in one is soon passed to the same layer elsewhere.Music plays a dominant role in conditioning minds to accept what soon becomes the norm. Race and even sexual orientation play a role.
    The problem is in spite of herculean efforts to clean up and brighten cities statistics tell a depressing tale, and now we face global meltdown.

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