Manufacturers Call for “Buy Canadian” Policies

Neo liberal orthodoxy is crumbling in the wake of the ever-deepening manufacturing crisis. Witness yesterday’s call from the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association for domestic procurement policies linked to major public investments in infrastructure and transit projects – long advocated by labour and derided by mainstream types as a return to dreaded “industrial policies.” As the CME point out, there is a lot to gain here. The face-saver for the economically orthodoxy is that the US has long linked public investments to US job creation, as detailed here.. 


  • americans are americans,and canadians are in limbo.the canadian goverment has done nothing to premote unity within this country. first off lets become canadians,buy canadian products and teach our children to become canadians.isn’t time we said goodbye to the united states and european styling and become the proud people we once were.this is a great country and i premote it on a daily basis.

  • I agree. But it’s really hard to find products made in Canada. However, there is a new source of information out there: They ad new Canadian-made products to their catalog everyday. Check them out!

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