The Taxpayers Federation Gets its Hands on the Reins of Power

Larry O’Brien’s train wreck of a mayoralty, which continues to play out on the Ottawa Citizen’s front pages, is an instructive microcosm of how things might look if the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) were running a government near you. O’Brien’s Chief of Staff is, of course, Walter Robinson, the CTF’s long-time Federal Director.

UPDATE (May 26): Today’s National Post includes a decent history of O’Brien’s mayoralty:

Rookie learns on the job
Too soon to tell if Ottawa’s Mayor will be remembered as visionary or gaffe-plagued politician

James Cowan
National Post
Saturday, May 26, 2007

OTTAWA – On a gloriously sunny morning recently, Larry O’Brien, the Mayor of Ottawa, sat and intently listened as a consultant outlined his city’s precarious financial situation. In the rest of the city, people were buoyant; the Senators were halfway through trouncing the Buffalo Sabres on their way to the Stanley Cup. Inside the briefing session, the only sign of the city’s rising fortune were the hockey jerseys worn by some of the city councillors.

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  • Well said.

    Now he plans to sue you.

    Only kidding.

  • Have you ever seen the movie Runaway Train? O’Brien, Robinson and the crew kind of remind me of the train, and the residents of Ottawa, kind of remind me of Jon Voight strapped to the front of that train. Maybe he will be incarcerated for his apparent buyout offer to Mr. Kilrea. We can only hope.

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