McGuinty on TILMA

Today’s Financial Post reports that Ontario’s Premier “is exploring the possibility of joining the B.C.-Alberta free trade initiative.” Specifically, it quotes him as saying, “what I have done is talked to [B.C. Premier] Gord Campbell and [former Alberta premier] Ralph Klein, in the past, and said, you guys seem to have done something which sounds good. I’m not sure the 13 of us, provinces and territories, can get to where we need to go quickly enough. We might be able to achieve critical mass by joining what you’ve done there. So those discussions are ongoing.”

To his credit, McGuinty resisted the call for provincial corporate-tax cuts and sales-tax harmonization in the same interview. However, he still seems to regard TILMA as a benign document. Concerned citizens will have to build upon the Ontario Federation of Labour’s good work on this issue.

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