Cuts to Statistics Canada

Progressive economists should be disturbed about the cut to Statistics Canada’s Budget announced yesterday by Ministers Flaherty and Baird. The agency has to realize “operational efficiencies” amounting to $15 Million over two years – which may mean cancellation of one or two major surveys, or cuts to staff undertaking research and analysis. Despite the recent glitch in the CPI, StatsCan has a well-deserved international reputation for high quality core data such as the labour force survey, census and national accounts, and they also maintain a steady stream of analytical studies which are of central interest to progressives – poverty and income inequality, labour market dynamics etc. For an important example, see today’s Daily for an excellent paper on trends in pension coverage.

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  • Do you know if the cuts to statistics canada are being realized. Have you heard whether there have been any cuts to staff. I have a twenty-year career with Statistics Canada and am trying to decide whether it would be wise to go back to it. I look forward to your response.

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