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The Progressive Economics Forum

PEF at the Canadian Economics Association meetings

The Progressive Economics Forum holds its annual meetings at the Canadian Economics Association (CEA) conference, which we thank for its financial support. Thanks also to Nick Falvo for organizing the following lineup of sessions from May 31 through June 2, 2013, at HEC Montréal. To attend, please register for the main CEA conference and/or contact us.

08:30-10:00, Friday, May 31
PEF 1: Will the Eurozone Remain Locked in a Permanent Crisis or Are There Viable Long-Term Solutions?
Organizer: Seccareccia, Mario (University of Ottawa)
Chair: Lavoie, Marc (University of Ottawa)
Papers: Bibow, Joerg (Skidmore College, USA), “Resolving the Euro Crisis”
- Costantini, Orsola (University of Pavia, Italy, and University of Ottawa) and Fumagalli, Andrea (University of Pavia, Italy), “When the Crisis becomes the Norm: a Comparison between Canada and Three Countries of the Eurozone”
- Sawyer, Malcolm (University of Leeds, UK), “Developing an Alternative Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance for Economic Prosperity”
- Seccareccia, Mario (University of Ottawa), “Reuniting Money and the State: Why the ECB has evolved from a Lender of Last Resort to a Fiscal Authority of Last Resort and why this Institutional Evolution is not Enough”

10:30-12:00, Friday, May 31
PEF 2: The Political Economy of Financial Markets in the Wake of Global Financial Crisis
Organizer: Young, Kevin (University of Massachusetts - Amherst)
Chair: Dufour, Mathieu (John Jay College)
Papers: McKeen-Edwards, Heather (Bishop’s College), “Reducing Systemic Risk? Assessing Efforts to Identify and Regulate Systematically Important Financial Institutions”
- Young, Kevin (University of Massachusetts Amherst) and Pagliari, Stefano (London School of Economics), “Is Financial Sector Lobbying Unique? An Evolving Interest Ecology”
- Leblond, Patrick (University of Ottawa), “The Discipline of Bond Markets in the Euro Area: Too Much, Too Late?”
- Pigeon, Marc-André (Credit Union Central), “Basel and Me: Members and the Coop Perspective on Regulatory Reform of the Financial Services Sector”

12:00-13:30, Friday, May 31
PEF Annual General Meeting

14:00-15:30, Friday, May 31
PEF 3: Childcare in Canada – What and how are families doing?
Organizer: Robson, Jennifer (Carleton University)
Chair: Robson, Jennifer (Carleton University)
Papers: Stalker, Glenn (York University), “Quebec, Daycare, and the Household Strategies of Couples with Young Children”
- Connolly, Marie (UQAM), “Do Higher Childcare Subsidies Improve Parental Well-being? Evidence from Québec’s Family Policies”
- Stewart, Jennifer (Carleton University), “Child Care Expenditures in Canada”

16:00-17:30, Friday, May 31
PEF 4: The Costs of Homelessness
Organizer: Keller, Cameron (Mental Health Commission of Canada)
Chair: Falvo, Nick (Carleton University)
Papers: Gaetz, Stephen (York University), “The Real Cost of Homelessess: Can we do the right thing and save money?”
- Keller, Cameron (Mental Health Commission of Canada), “Implementation of Housing First in Five Canadian Cities: How do you make the shoe fit, when one size does not fit all?”
- Latimer, Eric (McGill University), “Housing homeless people with mental illness and helping them to move on with their lives: Unaffordable luxury or cost-effective common sense? What the At Home/Chez soi project is teaching us”

18:00-19:30, Friday, May 31
CEA Innis Lecture: Keith Head, Sauder School of Business, UBC
Note: This is not an official PEF event, but some of our members may wish to participate.

08:30-10:00, Saturday, June 1
CEA Panel in honour of Kari Polanyi Levitt’s 90th birthday
Note: This is not an official PEF event, but it has a great deal of PEF-friendly content. We have intentionally not scheduled any conflicting events during this time slot.

10:30-12:00, Saturday, June 1
PEF 5: The Financing of Long-Term Residential Care in Canada and the United States
Organizer: MacDonald, Martha (St. Mary’s University)
Chair: Falvo, Nick (Carleton University)
Papers: Rosenau, Pauline (U of Texas Houston), “Exploring Policy Options to Improve the Financial Accountability of US Nursing Homes” [paper written with Charlene Harrington and Leslie Ross (U of California San Francisco), and Dana Mukamel (U of California Irvine)]
- Panos, Justin (York University), “Financialization, Regulation, and Long-Term Residential Care in North America” [paper written with Martha MacDonald (St. Mary’s University)]
- MacDonald, Martha (St.Mary’s University), “Individual Charges for Long-Term Residential Care in Canada”

12:00-14:00, Saturday, June 1
CEA Purvis Luncheon: Roland Fryer, Harvard University
Note: This is not an official PEF event, but some of our members may wish to participate.

14:00-15:30, Saturday, June 1
PEF 6/CSLS: Living Standards in Canada
Organizer: Sharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
Chair: John Richards (Simon Fraser University)
Francis Fong (TD Bank)
Pierre Fortin (UQAM)
Ellen Russell (Wilfred Laurier University)
Andrew Sharpe (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)

16:00-17:30, Saturday, June 1
PEF Keynote Address: Guillaume Hebert (IRIS), “A History of Neoliberalism in Quebec”

18:15-19:45, Saturday, June 1
CEA Presidential Address: Georges Dionne, HEC Montréal
Note: This is not an official PEF event, but some of our members may wish to participate.

20:00 – ???, Saturday, June 1
PEF Wine and Cheese Social
All are welcome. One free drink for every paid-up PEF member.

08:30-10:00, Sunday, June 2
PEF 7: Inflation Targeting After the Crisis: Cracks in the “Consensus?”
Organizer: Stanford, Jim (Canadian Auto Workers)
Chair: Stanford, Jim (Canadian Auto Workers)
Papers: Aquanno, Scott (University of Toronto), “The New Politics of Macroeconomic Price Stability: The Evolution of Canadian Monetary Policy”
- Grasseli, Matheus (McMaster University and University of Toronto), “Debt Dynamics in the Great Moderation and Beyond: Accumulation, Deleverage and Implications for Monetary Policy”
- Loxley, John (University of Manitoba) and Das, Anupam Das (Mount Royal University), “Inflation Targeting in Developing Countries: How Much Should We Care?”
Discussant: Lavoie, Marc (University of Ottawa)

10:30-12:00, Sunday, June 2
PEF 8: Economics of the Possible: Opportunities and Constraints in Québec a Year After the Printemps Érable
Organizer: Dufour, Mathieu (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY)
Chair: Dufour, Mathieu (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY)
Papers: Pineault, Éric (Department of Sociology, UQAM)
- Couturier, Eve-Lyne (Institut de recherche et d’information socio-économique)
- Harvey, Pierre-Antoine (Centrale des syndicats du Québec)

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