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The Progressive Economics Forum

PEF at the Canadian Economics Association meetings

The Progressive Economics Forum holds its annual meetings at the Canadian Economics Association (CEA) conference, which we thank for its financial support. This year we are at Ryerson University, Toronto, Thursday, May 28 to Sunday, May 31, 2015.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

PEF Summer School / École d’été du PEF
@ Room POD 250

Speakers include:

Stephanie Kelton (University of Missouri-Kansas City; Chief Economist for the minority of U.S. Senate Budget Committee)
Miles Corak (University of Ottawa)
Michael Veall (McMaster University)
Armine Yalnizyan (Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives)
Linda McQuaig (Award-winning journalist and best-selling author)
Jordan Brennan (Unifor)
Eric Miller (York University)


Friday, May 29, 2015

@ Room KHE 121
Does Public Debt Matter? The Insights and Limits of Modern Monetary Theory / Faut-il se préoccuper de la dette publique? Les atouts et les limites de la théorie monétaire moderne

Chair: Armine Yalnizyan (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
Stephanie Kelton (University of Missouri)
Brett House (Sauvé Foundation)
Mario Seccareccia (University of Ottawa)


@ Room KHE 121
PEF Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle du PEF


@ Room KHE 121
A Heterodox Perspective on the Theory, History and Policy Implications of Canadian Inflation and Monetary Policy / La théorie, l’histoire et les implications de la politique monétaire et en matière d’inflation au Canada: une perspective hétérodoxe

Chair: Jim Stanford (Unifor)
Jordan Brennan (Unifor): “Some Inflationary Aspects of Distributive Conflict: Reassessing Canadian Inflation”
Scott Aquanno (University of Toronto): “The Political Dimensions of Canadian Monetary Policy”
Louis-Philippe Rochon (Laurentian University): “A Post-Keynesian Theory of Inflation”


@ Room KHE 121
Keynote Lecture / Conférence principale du PEF
Rochon, Louis-Philippe (Laurentian University): “How Post Keynesian Economic Theory Helps Explain Today’s Economic Crisis”, Marc Lavoie (University of Ottawa)


@ Joey Eaton, Downstairs Private Room, 1 Dundas St. W (SW Corner of Yonge and Dundas)
PEF Wine and Cheese Social / Vins et fromages du PEF


Saturday, May 29, 2015

@ ENG LG-02
How Post-Keynesian Economic Theory Helps Explain Today’s Economic Crisis – Response to Keynote Address / Comment la théorie économique post-keynésienne expiquent-elles la crise économique actuelle : une réaction à la conférence principale

Chair: Jim Stanford (Unifor)
Blecker, Robert (American University)
Rochon, Louis-Philippe (Laurentian University)
Spotton Visano, Brenda (York University)

@ ENG LG-02
New Research on Financial Markets, Instability, and Regulation / Marchés financiers, instabilité et réglementation : recherches récentes

Chair: Kevin Young (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Joelle Leclaire (SUNY Buffalo State): “Financial Instability and Household Debt”
Vicki Jingjing  Zhang (University of Toronto): “From Rules-based to Principles-based: Critical Issues in the Paradigm Shift of Insurance Regulations”
Omosalewa Olawoye (University of Missouri, Kansas City): “Financialization of Commodity-Based Sovereign Wealth Funds”
Fletcher Baragar (University of Manitoba) and  John Loxley (University of Manitoba): “Crises of Disproportionality and the Crisis of 2007-2009”

Sunday, May 31, 2015

@ Room ENG LG-02
Bringing Plurality into the Classroom: Challenging the Orthodoxy in the Teaching of Economics across Canada / Plus de diversité dans les salles de cours : remettre en question l’enseignement orthodoxe de l’économique au Canada

Chair: David Pringle (Carleton University)
Anthony Myatt (University of New Brunswick)
Julien McDonald-Guimond (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Alexandra Kraushaar, (University of Waterloo)
Inbal Marcovitch (Standards Council of Canada)

@ Room ENG LG-02
Climate Change: To Tax, Or Not To Tax, That is One Question / Changements climatiques : taxer ou ne pas taxer, voilà la question

Chair: Peter Victor (York University)
Ross McKitrick (University of Guelph)
Christopher Ragan (McGill University)
Toby Sanger (Canadian Union of Public Employees)

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