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  • CCPA SK Annual General Meeting October 11, 2019
    Please join us for our Annual General Meeting in Saskatoon, 5:00pm, Thursday, October 24th at Station 20 West. (1120 20th St. West) Courtney Carlberg, author of Saskatchewan's Failing Report Card on Child Care, will discuss why Saskatchewan ranks the lowest for overall quality and rates of access to regulated child care in the country and […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Corporate Mapping Project receives award for research excellence October 9, 2019
    The co-directors of the Corporate Mapping Project—CCPA-BC Director Shannon Daub and the University of Victoria’s William Carroll—are being celebrated in Victoria today as they accept a REACH Award for Excellence in Research. The REACH Awards recognize “research excellence” as demonstrated through scholarly contributions and societal impact. Since the inception of the Corporate Mapping Project, Shannon […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Unpacking the details of Manitoba Hydro September 9, 2019
    What would a long view of Manitoba Hydro all entail.  Read report here.
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • CCPA submission to Treasury Board consultation on regulatory modernization September 6, 2019
    On June 29, 2019, the federal government launched a public consultation on initiatives intended to "modernize" the Canadian regulatory system. Interested Canadians were invited to provide input on four current initiatives: Targeted Regulatory Reviews (Round 2) Review of the Red Tape Reduction Act Exploring options to legislate changes to regulator mandates Suggestions for the next […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Join us in November for the 2019 CCPA-BC Gala, featuring Nancy MacLean September 3, 2019
    Tickets are available for our 2019 Annual Gala Fundraiser, which will take place in Vancouver on November 21. This year’s featured speaker will be Nancy MacLean, an award-winning historian and author whose talk, The rise of the radical right: How libertarian intellectuals, billionaires and white supremacists shaped today’s politics, is very timely both in the US and here in […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
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“Taking Care of Business,” by Stephen Harper and the Senators!

At the big Unifor Canadian Council meeting in Montreal last weekend there was a surprise appearance by a new musical group, called “Stephen Harper and the Senators”, featuring Stephen Harper on guitar and vocals, Patrick Brazeau on drums, Pamela Wallin on bass, and Mike Duffy on lead guitar and general spiritual advising.  They played a short but lively set, consisting of one song.  Lyrics reprinted below, with apologies to BTO.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for the soundtrack!

Takin’ Care of Business

Well I wake up in the morning, and I climb upon my throne.

And I think about what I’ll do today.

Medicare will get a cut, I’ll kick the unions in the gut.

And then I’ll supersize … CEO pay.

Inflating household debts, give the finger to the vets.

Make seniors walk through snow for their mail.

And if I dislike anyone, pull out Bill C-51.

…Throw all the rabble-rousers in jail.


[CHORUS] Yes I am taking care of business, every day.

Taking care of business, my own way.

I am taking care of business, wish me luck.

Taking care of business, with 90 thousand bucks.


But the news is not all bad, all the fat cats will be glad.

When I sweeten up that pie for all them.

They’ll get savings on their tax, know I’ve always got their backs.

…That income-splitting plan is a gem.

And if the sh*t should hit the fan, Nigel Wright will be my man.

…He’ll write a cheque and say I don’t know.

But if the people find out, and the voters start to doubt.

Then it’s OUT the exit doors I will go.


[CHORUS] ‘Cause I was taking care of business, every day.

Taking care of business, my own way.

I was taking care of business, I’m outta luck.

‘Cause I was taking care of business, with 90 thousand bucks.


Take good care.  Of my business.

Nigel Wright.  Ray Novak too.

All crooked.  Taking care.  Of my business.

Stephen Harper and the Senators



Enjoy and share:


Comment from Purple Library Guy
Time: August 28, 2015, 2:26 pm

. . . Betcha you could get Randy Bachman to actually perform that version. Doubt he’s a big Harper fan.

Comment from Larry Kazdan
Time: August 28, 2015, 11:11 pm

Duff the Tory Bagman

Comment from Donna Baines
Time: August 30, 2015, 1:56 am

Looking good, Stevie! Glad you are finally coming clean on what you actually do in a day.

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