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  • A critical look at BC’s new tax breaks and subsidies for LNG May 7, 2019
    The BC government has offered much more to the LNG industry than the previous government. Read the report by senior economist Marc Lee.  
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • The 2019 living wage for Metro Vancouver April 30, 2019
    The 2019 living wage for Metro Vancouver is $19.50/hour. This is the amount needed for a family of four with each of two parents working full-time at this hourly rate to pay for necessities, support the healthy development of their children, escape severe financial stress and participate in the social, civic and cultural lives of […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Time to regulate gas prices in BC and stop industry gouging April 29, 2019
    Drivers in Metro Vancouver are reeling from record high gas prices, and many commentators are blaming taxes. But it’s not taxes causing pain at the pump — it’s industry gouging. Our latest research shows that gas prices have gone up by 55 cents per litre since 2016 — and the vast majority of that increase […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • CCPA welcomes Randy Robinson as new Ontario Director March 27, 2019
    The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is pleased to announce the appointment of Randy Robinson as the new Director of our Ontario Office.  Randy’s areas of expertise include public sector finance, the gendered rise of precarious work, neoliberalism, and labour rights. He has extensive experience in communications and research, and has been engaged in Ontario’s […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • 2019 Federal Budget Analysis February 27, 2019
    Watch this space for response and analysis of the federal budget from CCPA staff and our Alternative Federal Budget partners. More information will be added as it is available. Commentary and Analysis  Aim high, spend low: Federal budget 2019 by David MacDonald (CCPA) Budget 2019 fiddles while climate crisis looms by Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood (CCPA) Budget hints at priorities for upcoming […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
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The Progressive Economics Forum

2008: Blog Year in Review

Last year was a momentous one for Relentlessly Progressive Economics.

Of course, some of us continued using the blog to disseminate media commentary on behalf of our respective organizations. However, the Progressive Economics Forum (PEF) itself attracted media coverage a couple of times.

Early in the year, The National Post and other CanWest papers cited it for documenting some striking similarities between a TD Economics paper and previous CLC research. More recently, Canadian Press, Globe and Mail Update and The Toronto Star cited the PEF for our open letter on the economic crisis.

Within the Blogosphere, Paul Wells, a granddaddy of Canadian blogging, dubbed us “the mother of all TILMA-critical blogs, from which you can glean much useful information whatever your viewpoint is.” We were nominated in a couple of categories at the Canadian Blog Awards.

Our current website has been viewed just over 420,000 times. Our old website was viewed well over 120,000 times before Marc finally took it down. In total, we surpassed the half-million mark in 2008.

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