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  • Unpacking the details of Manitoba Hydro September 9, 2019
    What would a long view of Manitoba Hydro all entail.  Read report here.
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • CCPA submission to Treasury Board consultation on regulatory modernization September 6, 2019
    On June 29, 2019, the federal government launched a public consultation on initiatives intended to "modernize" the Canadian regulatory system. Interested Canadians were invited to provide input on four current initiatives: Targeted Regulatory Reviews (Round 2) Review of the Red Tape Reduction Act Exploring options to legislate changes to regulator mandates Suggestions for the next […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Join us in November for the 2019 CCPA-BC Gala, featuring Nancy MacLean September 3, 2019
    Tickets are available for our 2019 Annual Gala Fundraiser, which will take place in Vancouver on November 21. This year’s featured speaker will be Nancy MacLean, an award-winning historian and author whose talk, The rise of the radical right: How libertarian intellectuals, billionaires and white supremacists shaped today’s politics, is very timely both in the US and here in […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Report looks at captured nature of BC’s Oil and Gas Commission August 6, 2019
    From an early stage, BC’s Oil and Gas Commission bore the hallmarks of a captured regulator. The very industry that the Commission was formed to regulate had a significant hand in its creation and, too often, the interests of the industry it regulates take precedence over the public interest. This report looks at the evolution […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Correcting the Record July 26, 2019
    Earlier this week Kris Sims and Franco Terrazzano of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation wrote an opinion piece that was published in the Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, Winnipeg Sun, Ottawa Sun and Toronto Sun. The opinion piece makes several false claims and connections regarding the Corporate Mapping Project (CMP), which we would like to correct. The […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
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On public knowledge of tax cuts

Thanks Adrew, Erin, Marc for the nice budget analysis.

Far from my mind to take people’s attention from it but while I was listening live to its delivery on CBC, I remembered an article I had read a couple of weeks ago on Cyberpresse (sorry, in French, am looking for the English counterpart). It stated the results of a survey conducted on people’s awareness they were getting income tax cuts for the current fiscal year (given French terminology, I assume the GST cut was out of the survey).

The upshot is that the vast majority of Canadians have no clue that they are getting income tax cuts – or rather, wrongly believed they are not getting any. The “worst” results are in Québec, where 73% did not know, but other regions did not fare much “better” (71% in the Atlantic, 66% in BC, 65% in Ontario, 58% in the Prairies). So it seems that at the very least, some people in comm’s department may have been flogged a bit. Beyond that, though, I wonder whether this does not undercut further any claim to people’s appetite for tax cuts:

At best, this appetite would be seemed to be based on an incomplete knowledge of the actual state of things in taxation policies; at worst the whole thing is manufactured outside of people’s consciousness…

Enjoy and share:


Comment from Andrew Jackson
Time: February 27, 2008, 12:36 pm

I take your point, especially re the invisibility of the costlyGST cut – though one should take into account the fact that many people will be pleasantly surprised in a few weeks when they find out they are getting modest income tax refunds due to Flaherty’s Fall Economic Statement. This was, of course, exactly what he had in mind for a Spring election which will now not happen. Too bad for him.

Comment from Mathieu Dufour
Time: February 27, 2008, 2:19 pm

Electoral time table… Good point. The survey was for tax cuts in 2007, asking people who were about to file in their income tax return statement, not for this budget. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to it again when people get their tax return to see if they actually notice a different. A sort of ex ante / ex post exercise.

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