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  • Canada’s Fossil-Fuelled Pensions June 22, 2018
    The British Columbia Investment Management Corporation is the steward of BC’s public pensions, but bankrolls companies whose current business models exceed the climate change targets agreed to in the Paris Agreement to which Canada is a signatory. The pensions of over 500,000 British Columbians and assets worth $135 billion are managed by the Corporation—-one of Canada's largest […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Imagine a Winnipeg...2018 Alternative Municipal Budget June 18, 2018
    Climate change; stagnant global economic growth; political polarization; growing inequality.  Our city finds itself dealing with all these issues, and more at once. The 2018 Alternative Municipal Budget (AMB) is a community response that shows how the city can deal with all these issues and balance the budget.
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Why would a boom town need charity? Inequities in Saskatchewan’s oil boom and bust May 23, 2018
    When we think of a “boomtown,” we often imagine a formerly sleepy rural town suddenly awash in wealth and economic expansion. It might surprise some to learn that for many municipalities in oil-producing regions in Saskatchewan, the costs of servicing the oil boom can outweigh the benefits. A Prairie Patchwork: Reliance on Oil Industry Philanthropy […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • What are Canada’s energy options in a carbon-constrained world? May 1, 2018
    Canada faces some very difficult choices in maintaining energy security while meeting emissions reduction targets.  A new study by veteran earth scientist David Hughes—published through the Corporate Mapping Project, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Parkland Institute—is a comprehensive assessment of Canada’s energy systems in light of the need to maintain energy security and […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • The 2018 Living Wage for Metro Vancouver April 25, 2018
    The cost of raising a family in British Columbia increased slightly from 2017 to 2018. A $20.91 hourly wage is needed to cover the costs of raising a family in Metro Vancouver, up from $20.61 per hour in 2017 due to soaring housing costs. This is the hourly wage that two working parents with two young children […]
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
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Impacts of Employment Insurance Cuts

Here’s the link to a major empirical study on the impacts of the Liberal cuts to the Employment Insurance program, with a specific emphasis on impacts on women workers. The study is by Monica Townson and Kevin Hayes and was commissioned by Status of Women Canada , and quietly posted to their web site a couple of weeks ago.

Enjoy and share:


Comment from Michel Bedard
Time: October 26, 2007, 9:26 am

The Hayes-Townson report is excellent. A correction is required however, in that the creation of the UI program in Canada should not be attributed to the Rowell-Sirois Commission. The UI program had been under consideration well before the creation of the Rowell-Sirois Commission in 1937, UI legislation having actually been adopted in 1935 before being found ultra vires. That situation gave rise to a constitutional amendment in 1940, and was not the result of Rowell-Sirois. Furthermore, Mackenzie King specifically rejected Rowell-Sirois’ recommendation that the federal goverment take over responsibility for all “unemployed employables”, preferring to limit himself to unemployment insurance (thus excluding the notion of unemployment assistance). These facts are significant in that they support the insurance character of UI in Canada.

Comment from R. Picton
Time: February 7, 2009, 9:09 am

Curiously the report can no longer be accessed.

Comment from andrew jackson
Time: February 9, 2009, 9:01 am

The CCPA published a short version whcih can be found on their web site

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